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our dental clinic team

Dr. Gabriela Lukanova DDS

Dr G. Lukanova graduated her education on dental medicine in the Medical Academy, Sofia, in 1992.

Her path and progress in the art of the dental medicine has always followed the needs of patients having looked therefor.
After graduating, she started her first job in the emergency room in the 21st polyclinic in Mladost living quarters in Sofia. After that, she worked in the private emergency centre “Dental labor 5“.
In May 1994, she established the “Denta plus” clinic which she has managed and developed so far.
Her practice is as a family dentist, she has specialized periodontology with prof. M.Danan and has passed through a number of training courses on aesthetic dentistry, mesotherapy with plasma and fillers of Filorgа.
She has specialized Implantology with prof. Manfred Lang and Dr Branimir Kirilov. She has passed training on operation with different implant systems.

She constantly maintains high level of knowledge about novelties and recent development of implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry by participating in implantological congresses and online workshops of world leading and recognized lectors.
She is a member of Dental XP  and Science direct. These are online platforms for post-graduate training. Science direct gives information about all scientific research activities conducted at the moment in the art of medicine, treatment methods and results thereof.
Dr Lukanova is the only person in Bulgaria to have trained to work with and use the NACD and Talk tools methods for children.
Since 2010 and until now, she has trained herself to work with children having the Down syndrome with Bob Domen /neurodevelopmentalist / NACD  /The National Association for Child Development/ .
She has had her post-graduate training in Talk tools.
- Feeding therapy: A sensory Motor Approach with Lori Overland
- Early Intervention: Oral Placement Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome.
- Feeding skills in the Down Syndrome Population from birth to adulthood
- A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy with Sarah Rosenfeld.

Dr. Svetlana Blagovestova DDS

Да се занимава с медицина е мечтата и от най-ранно детство. Динамиката, разнообразието и всекидневните предизвикателства в една дентална практика е това което я привличат, така че тя да избере именно да бъде дентален лекар.

Д-р Светлана Благовестова завършва Факултета по дентална медицина към Медицинска академия София през 1997г. Веднага след димпломирането си започва работа като семеен стоматолог в клиника "Дента плюс", където работи и до днес.

Завършва множество курсове за след дипломна квалификация в областта на естетичната стоматология, миофункционалната ортодонтия. Преминава три тренинга учебния център MRC Europe - Training Facility in Waalwijk Holand / и на място в клиниката в София .