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The clinic where you feel at home!




High-quality dentistry, gentle individual approach without pain,
many years of experience,
More then 20 years - perfect reputation!





We established "Denta plus" in Sofia city in 1994. Since then, the team efforts have been directed completely to patient care and knowledge and skill improvement. We attend continuously dental training courses and workshops in Bulgaria and abroad to learn the latest tendencies and technologies of the state-of-the-art dental medicine.

We gain people’s confidence through careful and individual attitude. We always propose several options for treatment which we plan in subtle details in accordance with the individual needs and together - patient and doctor - we select the option which is most appropriate for the particular case. The end result of this collaboration is your beautiful and healthy smile.

We treat children with great love and patience, we train them to brush properly their teeth and we prevent the occurrence of fear of the dentist which is a concern of many adults as well. We train them to breath and swallow correctly and we timely eliminate bad habits.

We do not tolerate compromises with cleanliness of the rooms and sterility of the tools used. For this we have at our disposal up-to-date equipment. Our modest contribution to protection of our planet consists in the use of biologically dissolvable disinfectants which do not pollute the environment.

Out only goal is that you leave with a smile and the confidence that we deserve your trust in the future.

Since 2016, "Denta plus" have been the first and only clinic in Bulgaria licensed for Myofunctional orthodontics. 

Миофункционална ортодонтия. Ортодонтия без брекетиSTRAIGHT TEETH THE NATURAL WAY!